Camila Thomas: The Future Architect

By Sage Hunter

Asking questions and understanding people’s lives are just two of the many attributes Camila Thomas brings to the table. The savvy Bronxite is an aspiring architect, who loves to spark a variety of reactions from different individuals about the topic of journalism.

At the age of 16, Camila Thomas is an uprising senior at Marble Hill High School in the Bronx. The uprising senior is taking a College Now Course for Journalism and Reporting. Thomas told us that this course would help improve her writing.

Not only does Thomas enjoy improving her writing but also the study of history. The history enthusiast told us that even though she is taking this course and will help improve her writing skills, journalism would not be a career for her. Thomas explained that, “Being an architect is what I am really passionate about.”

Thomas is a huge history enthusiast, and always wonders how, “people could enjoy math rather than the study of history because math is – just math,” she says.

Her fascination for architecture began when her father – who is a photographer – had this big book of blueprints and designs that she would always look at and question how the buildings were made and wondered about the structure of the buildings.

Thomas loves to broaden her knowledge of architecture by going to many different museums. Some museums the Bronxite has visited are The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Museum of Modern Art. Thomas usually goes to these museums on school field trips or when her father gets the chance to take her.

Camila Thomas enjoys surrounding herself with different genres of music. Her top favorite genres are bachata, R&B, and dancehall. Not only does Thomas surrounds herself with music but she also loves to draw and watch movies. Her favorite movie is “21 Jump Street” with the “sexy” Channing Tatum, she says.

Not only does Thomas love architecture, drawing, and watching movies but she also loves to follow world news as well as local news such as, of course, News 12 The Bronx.

Thomas constantly gets upset with the news because she is the type of person to be hands-on and really help the people out there. Thomas feels that nothing is truly being done to help out the people in need and she wants to be the one to help and giveback.

Her mother always tells her, “stop watching the news, it will only get you angrier,” she recalls.

But seeing tragedies and world crises just makes Thomas more determined to be an active part in changing the world, she says, adding that she wants to change the world by making sure it is more equal and fair.


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