A Take On Sage Hunter

By Yekania Herrand

Like many other teenagers, Sage Hunter sometimes thought of dropping out of high school, but with some inspiration she eventually focused more than ever on her education and her future goal to participate in the Olympics.

Seventeen-year old Sage Hunter was born in Manhattan and now attends high school in Manhattan.  Hunter went through a decisive moment in her life when she befriended a girl who was nothing but a terrible influence.  Together, they skipped and failed classes until her boyfriend “showed her the to the light,” she said, and convinced her that what she was doing was not going to get her anywhere and that her education is far more important than some reckless affair.  Hunter now participates in her school’s Student Government and Prom Committee and her grades have improved.

Aside from school, Hunter is enrolled in swimming classes at the YMCA.  At the age of three she was dropped in the deep end of a pool and had to “fight for her life,” she recalls.  Since then, she has been swimming in competitions.  She has won two medals: one for Junior Division and another for Varsity Division.  Hunter wants to participate in the Olympics one day.  Even though she took a year off from training, to focus on her studies, she says she plans to go back as soon as possible and train intensely to become good enough to make the Olympic team. She states that one of her biggest inspirations, Olympic champion Michael Phelps, once visited her school, and that he had an impact on her to keep going and maybe be as good as him one day.

Another inspiring model is her mother Lori Williams.

“I felt like it was necessary for Sage to learn how to swim at an early age because swimming is something I feel every child should learn how to do,” she said about her daughter. “ Swimming I feel it can be a way to express yourself and for Sage that’s how she expresses herself through swimming”

Hunter would also love to travel the world one day.  She has already been to Hawaii, since she has family over there, California, Florida, Mexico and London.  She added that she would like to go to Tokyo, Rome and the Virgin Islands.

In college Hunter says she would like to major in advertising or journalism.  Her favorite subjects are English and History, which happen to blend together very well in journalism.  She says her mother has a degree in journalism and teaching and she would love to make her mother – as well as herself – proud.

“It would be great if my daughter majored in journalism because she’s following in my footsteps,” her mother said. “I support Sage in everything she does no matter what it may be, so if she wants to pursue journalism I will back her up 100%!”


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