Bedford Park: An 11-Year Old’s Views Toward School

Bedford Park

Bedford Park (Photo by Yekania Herrand)

By Yekania Herrand

Former 5th grader of Briggs Academy Elementary School, Darbert Herrand, explains the pros and cons of school in general. When asked whether or not school is good for you Herrand fails to open up on his opinion and blankly states that education is good and it helps you get a job. He goes on by listing the bad things such as the effects it may have on the individual. “It’s stressful, tiring and boring”

The 11-year old believes education should continue to be free because “children need this opportunity”.Herrand’s favorite subject is mathematics and he defends his position by saying, “There are different ways to solve different problems, there’s not always one way to find an answer”.

As we know public schools are open to a wide range of people and many students attend it every year. Darbert Herrand has to share a classroom with about 30 students. When asked if students were actually learning something Herrand said,”some are learning, some are not”. Personally I think this could be the teachers’ fault and Darbert Herrand totally agrees adding,”teachers could change that by being more strict”.

Aside from education in school we are facing a real tragic problem in most of the schools:Bullying. Bullying has been going on for a long time but recognized more and more over the recent years as its definition continues to expand. Herrand states that he hasn’t witnessed many violent events in his school but that doesn’t mean they don’t occur.

A “secret” fight broke out in the boys bathroom one afternoon in Briggs Academy Elementary School. Cody entered the bathroom followed by Isiah Gonzalez, a former classmate of Darbert’s where they started beating on each other until Darbert’s teacher sent him out to haul for a security guard where the security guard broke up the fight. Darbert Herrand closes his statement by saying “I think schools enforce a non-violent atmosphere but students choose not to listen”


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