George Zimmerman’s Murder Trial: Student Thoughts

By Yekania Herrand

For those who are not familiar with “George Zimmerman”, he is a twenty-eight year old Latino/Caucasian who used the “stand your ground” self defense against a seventeen year old African American boy.

George Zimmerman’s murder trial has been going on for over more than a year and with recent evidence he’s closer to being exculpated. The case has been televised for quite a while and most of the information is out there for people to be advised. A couple of students interviewed at the Lehman College Campus agree that the case is mainly affected by race. “It should be shown on television so people could know their rights” says an eighteen year old, Ravon Gordon.

A recording was found and with some editing a piercing cry was distinctly heard. Both mothers, Sybrina Fulton and Gladys Zimmerman, claimed it was their son’s voice that yelled for help in the scene. According to the Daily News “Trayvon Martin was on top when George Zimmerman-the neighborhood watchman he was struggling with-fired a fatal shot into the teenager’s chest”.

Many people believe that race is the key component to Trayvon Martin being found guilty.
“Trayvon was attacked because he’s darker than Zimmerman,” said Madion Dagnogo. “Yeah they’re going at Trayvon because he’s black,” mentioned Tierra Robinson. Martin supporters and family members believe that Zimmerman followed Martin because of his racial identity. Pamela Pierson, a former federal prosecutor, states that race is “definitely permeating the case” even though no one wants to admit it. Pierson goes on by saying that “defense attorneys try to attack one’s credibility” and that this case is totally unfair because if the witness were white and well educated no one would be complaining about race being an issue. (

“It shows how racism is still prevalent today,” said Nakecia Williams, a student attending Lehman College. The twenty-four year old adds “Trayvon is not guilty” and “he was unarmed”.


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