Immigration: By Yekania Herrand



By Yekania Herrand

The number of immigrants in the United States has increased rapidly over the years. A number of individuals have to sacrifice their lives at times in order to have a brighter future for them and/or their family.

Many people agree upon the idea of giving immigrants a chance to settle down in the United States and if already done so, to continue to live here. Everyone’s story is distinctly different but the sole similarity is the hope of a better life.

According to ( the number of immigrants in the United States wasn’t always as high but between 1970 and 2011 that changed. Compared to the rest of the United States, immigrants have had a significant impact on the population. In 1980 six percent (14.1 million) were assigned as immigrants, in 1990 eight percent (19.8 million), to eleven percent (31.1 million) in 2000 and lastly thirteen percent (40.4 million) in 2011.

“Llegue a este pais por via de mi mama.” said Carolina Santana whose spanish statement translates to “I came to this country because of my mom” in english. Santana used to live in Dominican Republic with both of her parents and then moved to the United States, specifically the Bronx, for a better future. Back in Dominican Republic, Santana had to share a home with 9 other siblings and she had to take care of the younger ones as well. She used to cook meals, wash clothes, walk a long route to get to school and on top of that, balance her personal and educational life. Many individuals move to this country aiming to live a better life in aspects of education, financial stability, economy of the country, and much more reasonable reasons.

An undocumented immigrant shares part of his story. He says he used to live in Dominican Republic and moved to Puerto Rico by boat. He stayed in Puerto Rico for 3 years until he was granted permission to enter New York. “Era bien dificil para mi,” said the undocumented immigrant whose spanish statement translates to “It was very difficult for me.” The man was referring to the change and all of the things he had to risk (his life when crossing the sea by boat) in order to live better and provide for his mother who stayed in Dominican Republic. Anytime he was able to, he sent his mother money for food, shelter, clothes, etc. He was very disappointed when he found out that his mother passed away recently because he didn’t have the opportunity to meet with her again since he’s an undocumented immigrant.

The Immigration Reform is still waiting to be put into action. “It’s very good because immigrants will now be legal citizens and part of the system,” said Cesar Perez a Hispanic man. He also mentions that there would be less family disunion and a lesser amount of children without their parents.


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