Yekania Herrand: The Quiet One

By Rica Roberts

Active in and out of the classroom, 16-year-old Yekania Herrand, a Choco-Pizza fanatic, shares her thoughts and ideas about education, and her life as a high school student.

With her good grades and determined attitude, the Discovery High School student  enters College Now ready to learn. She shares her stories of being a great student, and how she handles school and teen life. At first, Herrand did not want this class because journalism, she said, “is not my style, and does not really interest me as much as theatre,” but she added that she felt it was something new to learn.

“I want to write in a professional way,” she said, even though she sees herself as an orthodontist in the future, saying that “everyone depends on a dentist.” She tells of how she got braces,  some teeth pulled, and of how there is always work for a dentist.

“There’s always a job. Businesses come and go, but you always need a dentist,” she said.

One of Herrand’s inspirations was a “very smart” girl in her class. Herrand said the girl always had high grades, but when the pressure hit she wanted to drop out. Herrand she helped the girl through it, and soon she was back in school.

Another one of Herrand’s inspirations is her mother. Although she did not finish high school, Herrand learned from her that “education is a big opportunity,” she says.

“You could end up with a job you don’t like,” she said referring to the fact that if you don’t do well in school you might be stuck with a job that you do not even want.

Herrand has many favorite subjects in school. One used to be math, but she explains it got difficult increasingly to understand it as the level got more challenging. She now says she likes English more because she finds it easier.

“You can express yourself. There’s no right or wrong answer,” she says. She also shares her love for poetry, which she enjoys because a word  “can go either way,” she says, referring to the meaning the words within a poem.

Aside from her studies, Herrand has many hobbies: playing volleyball, listening to music, playing guitar – as a “beginner” she says -, the piano, and even singing. She said she tried to learn French, but found it very difficult.

“I tried by myself, but I think you need a teacher for that,” she said referring to the distinct French accent.

Herrand wants to travel around the world, especially England. “Mainly because I want their accent,” she joked. “If I stay there long enough I’ll have the accent.”

Some famous people she admires are actors Avan Jogia, Munro Chambers – “His character is very strong. Everyone sees him as emo, but he is a nice person,” she says about the Degrassi actor, – and Mila Kunis, who made Herrand, who was in an acting class, feel inspired to work hard when she heard the actor was discovered in an acting class.

Herrand tells us about her family, and how they – along with chocolate and nature – make her happy.

“Well chocolate proved to change moods and nature is so beautiful,” she explains. “I feel like no one is able to capture an ugly picture when dealing with nature and that’s pretty impressive.” she says.

Herrand says is very close to her younger brother mainly because she can “contain him” from doing anything wrong.

“I kind of help him boost his vocabulary skills and, once in a while, I take him to the library so he can pick out books to read,” she says. Sometimes her brother encourages her when she is looking down on herself.

“You’re really smart,” he tells her.

They also shared some good times together. She tells us about a time where they went out for pizza, and she ate about ten slices of pizza while her brother ate four.

“I didn’t want to leave. I still wanted to eat,” she said.

Herrand enjoys watching many shows on T.V, including “Degrassi,” “Pretty Little Liars,” “Melissa and Joey,” and “The Lying Game.” She says she hated that the latter was canceled, and was mad at the producers for axing it.

“They leave you hanging,” she said, referring to the producers who canceled the show.

As college comes closer, Herrand talks about wanting to go away.

“I told mom I want to live dorm life,” she said about her dreams to attend college away from the city. “Do something exciting, but she said no.”

Herrand thinks of herself as a “really quiet” girl, even though she is not sure why that is the case.

“I’m not a daredevil and I think of the consequences before doing anything,” she says.


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