A New Arrival to Bronxwood

photo by maryogunji

Construction site on Bronxwood, Arnow Avenue photo by Mary Ogunji

By Mary Ogunji

The silent neighborhood of Bronxwood on Arnow Avenue  in the Bronx is no longer silent, due to the drilling sounds done by construction workers. But what are they building, you may ask?

Local residents are also curious about what is being constructed in their neighborhood.  The construction site is surrounded by a laundromat named Clean City, apartment buildings, and a car concessionary named New York Motors. As of now, the site is still being constructed.

In an interview, Joan Denis, who lives across the construction site, said, “I know that they are there from about 9am- 4pm”, and she later states, as she sits on a chair in front of her door, “I don’t know what they are doing there.” She continues to explain that construction workers have been there since last November.

Monica Maldonado, a worker of Clean City says, “it’s been going on recently, but I think it started like ten months ago,” she also says as she folds a bunch of clothes in a basket, “although their construction is not affecting our business, I still don’t know what they are constructing.”

Felipe Laredo, a driver working in New York Motors says, “looks like for a commercial,” and adds, “maybe for rent for lawyers, magazines and so on. It is only one floor they are building.”

The owner of the construction site,,Paul Durgaj, said over a phone interview, “it’s going to be a commercial building and it’s going to be done in another month.” He did not respond to further phone inquiries.

However, it does not seem so to local residents who are curious to the new arrival to their neighborhood. As Bronxwood resident Ms. Denis says, “I guess we just have to wait and see.”



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