CUNY Tuition Raise Causes Much Controversy

Denis Gostev via

Denis Gostev via

By Sonya Kedarnath

CUNY schools are a renowned establishment of supposedly affordable education opportunities. Students and other members of society have given mixed feedback about the controversial changes concerning the hike of tuition fees.

People’s reactions claim the long-term effects of the tuition increase will be negative for the CUNY students because of economic inefficiency. Also, some students may not have the motivation to learn, or even worse, attend college for higher education. The consequences for college students and the ones implementing the financial change will differ, which can exponentially cause more issues among the higher-level education.

Why increase tuition in the first place? As stated in The New York Times, the head of CUNY, Matthew Goldstein, has stated the rise in tuition is due to the lack of stability from the bigger union, which is the state. So, by extracting more money from incoming students, the CUNY schools will be able to keep facilities in schools, that students mostly use, available. Bittersweet reactions have surfaced and caused violent occurrences at public meetings.

Of course, the ones paying more money will not be satisfied at all. Natalia Diaz, a current student at the CUNY Lehman College says, “I feel like a lot of people are going to drop classes”.

Financial aid is an option for many, but since the raise, there may be changes in that field for students. Diaz thinks financial aid might not be enough, because of the lessening of job slots and the raise of tuition. Many may believe that the mix between the two, is not fair for students.

“If you can afford Starbuck’s coffee, then you can pay for college,” explains Nicole Celic. She believes some CUNY schools, such as Baruch College, attract higher income students. These students would most likely not be affected by the increase in tuition, because they have the money to pay. Basically, different schools and areas will be influenced in other ways, depending on the financial situation.

With the demand for more money, financially unstable students will take out more loans. These loans will put more colleges in debt, along with some students. Aida Tineo claims, “(students) will not go to school at all”. Students would most likely be discouraged from attending college, and broadening their knowledge due to the limiting factor of their own personal money situation.

Another student of Lehman College, Liza Depena, says “it would be fair if the federal grants were raised as well”. This meaning the money available for student grants should get higher along with the student’s tuition. Depena added the change would be positive for CUNY administration since they will be making more money, after all.

According to The New York Times, in the CUNY trustee’s opinion, the increase in tuition will be benefiting the students, so all is fair play.

In the students of CUNY’s Lehman College schools opinion, the financial burden will be hard for them.

“(Students) work hard and it is not fair,” mentioned Diaz.


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