ELECTION: Weiner is Back on Track

(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images) Via politicker.com

(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images) Via politicker.com

By Raphia Ngoutane

With only 5 months to go before the mayoral election, some people are questioning themselves on whether former congressman of Queens, Anthony Weiner should be given a second chance in the political field.

After a scandal erupted in 2011 involving Weiner posting nude photos of himself on twitter and sexting with various women, the public was against him, which led to his dishonorable resignation. After his resignation, Weiner is now back and is running in the New York City’s mayoral race. Despite the swirling tension as to whether Weiner deserves a second chance, some students and workers at Lehman college do believe that he should be forgiven and given a second chance.

“He should have a second chance,” said Gloria Figueroa, a worker at Lehman College doubtfully, “but I think that the public needs someone they can trust,” added Figueroa.

Priscilla Anang, a student at Lehman College said, “Of course he does, everyone deserves a second chance,” regarding the question whether Weiner should run again. When asked if she will vote for him in this upcoming election she replied, “I will still vote for him even if he goes with ten women.”

“Anthony Weiner does deserve a second chance to be mayor, his personal life shouldn’t affect his work life,” said Karla Soto, a security worker at Lehman College who moved in New York City a year and a half ago.

Angelica Colon, a worker at Lehman college and alumni explained “ He was stupid for doing what he did and if he does win, it will be surprising to people since people can be judgmental.”

We all make mistakes as humans, some even worse than others. Weiner’s scandal from 2011 is resurfacing since he is running for the New York City mayoral race. Despite the criticism “His personal life doesn’t define the way he works” said Colon.

The election will be on November 5, 2013 and we will be waiting to see whether the city of New York is willing to give Weiner a second chance.


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