Fordham BID Strikes Again

By Zulema Rodriguez

As a celebration of July 4th, the Fordham Business Improvement District, or BID, organized an event for the Fordham community.

The Fordham BID organized an Independence Day Barbecue event which had just about everything, from a live DJ to rock climbing to flag giveaways to even food tasting from a local Eatery called Primavera Café.

Rock climbing for the Fordham community event. (Photo by Zulema Rodriguez)

Rock climbing for the Fordham community event. (Photo by Zulema Rodriguez)

During a Fordham event created by the Fordham BID, people expressed their excitement to see such a well-organized event for the community. This event gathered people from the Fordham neighborhood and made them want to be part of the events that the Fordham BID conducts.

“We do this for the community,” said Wilma Alonso, executive director of Fordham BID. The group organizes different types of celebrations and events every first Friday from May to October. The initiative is called “Fordham Fever Fridays,” Ms. Alonso explained.

Aside from the July 4th celebration, Ms. Alonso says they’ve conducted several other celebrations since July of 2005, when the Fordham BID was created.

According to, Fordham BID members have conducted activities like “Summer Movie Series,” movie nights for the Fordham community, and “Stinky Kids,” an event during which they give books to young children, “Sparkling the Heart of Fordham,” during which they light up a Christmas tree in December, and  “Mix It Up,” fundraisers they conduct to raise money for a cause. also states that the Fordham BID focuses on sanitation, marketing and promotions and capital improvement projects for the Fordham Road area. Because of the Fordham BID, new benches, trashcans and lampposts have been able to be placed on Fordham streets, said Ms. Alonso.

Cassel Green, a man who attended the Independence Day Barbeque, says it was his first time attending a “Fordham Fever Friday” event. He added by saying that it was very well conducted and admits that he only stopped by because he was walking by and the gathering looked very “interesting” to him.

MWAM performs for the Fordham community as a celebration of July 4th. (Photo by Zulema Rodriguez)

MWAM performs for the Fordham community as a celebration of July 4th. (Photo by Zulema Rodriguez)

Ms. Daniels, a woman who also attended the event, watched the MWAM (Music With A Message) Band perform, a group of young teens and pre-teens that perform original songs they created themselves. They give a significant message that affects many of the listeners.

“I’m loving it, it brings tears to my eyes,” said Ms. Daniels as she watched the MWAM perform. According to, the MWAM’s mission is to spread positive messages of hope, love, inspiration, and healing to inner-city families and to communities.

Fordham BID just keeps going. The Fordham BID continues to conduct activities and events for the Fordham community, which they call “Fordham Road Beautification Projects.


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