Kingsbridge Residents Struggle with the Heat

Kingsbridge residents go on the streets to avoid the heat at their homes. Photo by Yaribel Genao

Kingsbridge residents go out to avoid the heat at their homes. (Photo by Yaribel Genao)

By Yaribel Genao

“I got a passenger that was suffocated when she got in the car,” cab driver Santiago Luna said, talking about the heat. “ I had the air on, I asked if she needed help, she said its all right opening a bottle of water.”

The east coast had its first heat wave this weekend, reaching temperatures well into the 90s, and forecasters said to expect high temperatures during the week.

“It will be warm, and the temperature will stay in the 80s,” Andrea Romero, a meteorologist for Telemundo Channel, said in Spanish.

Kingsbridge residents have been struggling with the high temperatures.

Maty Morel said she could not stay in the apartment with her kids, and went outside to get some fresh air at 7pm. “My kids are uncontrollable, I had to take them downstairs so they could get wet with the pump in front of the building” said Morel. “I think the beach is too dangerous, I rather stay here,” she added in Spanish.

“During the day I take them to the park at Kingsbridge and Jerome, so they can play and get wet, while I sit under the tree,” Morel said in Spanish.

Another neighbor pitched in. “You don’t want to work at McDonalds, I regret the decision I made when I was in 11th grade, to stop studying,” Yarilsa Perez said, mentioning that the fast food chain where she works get unbearably hot in the summer. “It feels like the place is burning. I could be working at a better place.”

Santiago Luna, the cab driver, said people are never happy with the weather.

“People always complain of the cold during winter, they tell me they can’t wait for summer when they day get in my car,” he said. “But now everyone is going crazy with the heat.”.

Perez, the McDonald’s employee, is one of those looking forward to the next season.

“I can’t wait for winter! I rather wear a coat than be all sweaty in my stinky uniform,” she said.


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