NYC Heat Wave Leaves Pelham Bay Residents Searching for Relief

A young man cools off with a water fountain in the park (Photo by Candace Pedraza)

A young man cools off with a water fountain in the park (Photo by Candace Pedraza)

By Candace Pedraza

Extreme temperatures hit this weekend as heat advisories were issued throughout the Bronx, including in Pelham Bay. Although some stayed indoors to avoid the gruesome rays, most were out and about, as both Pelham Bay Park and the always-busy Crosby Avenue were bustling with activity.

Those who were traveling throughout the city experienced dangerously high temperatures, as some places hit 95 degrees. In Pelham Bay, a heat advisory was issued, informing residents to be wary of outdoor activity and to drink plenty of water. This same warning was given out to most of the Bronx areas, as many were stopped in their tracks on their way to complete some typical summer activities. However, many residents were not deterred by this weather, as many were using local businesses on Crosby Avenue as well as the sprinklers and shade in Pelham Bay Park to stay cool. In the park, Myrta Santos relaxed in the grass with her young granddaughter.

“I just have a lot of snacks, water, fruits, and the shade,” Santos said about trying to stay cool. Everyone else in the park had the same idea, as many were seen hydrating and exercising at the same time.

Because of the extreme heat, health is taken into major consideration. Precautions such as remaining indoors or obtaining extra medication were taken by some residents, like Michelle, who did not wish for her last name to be used in the story.

“My doctor told me to stay out of the sun and the heat since I have many respiratory ailments,” Michelle said about what she had to do to survive the heat wave. Even though she was told to be indoors, she was also advised to “remain hydrated,” as she held a water bottle in one hand and a bag of medication in the other.

Another major concern of the heat is the extra activity at night by people. Although Pelham Bay does not have a lot of major criminal activity (within the top 10 of best neighborhoods in New York City), the crime rate has been “going up” according a patrolling police officer who was assigned to the park area.

“I have more work since crime is going up at this time,” he said in reference to how the heat wave has affected his productivity.

The heat may have been attempting to oppress, but it brought out more Pelham Bay residents that the park or businesses have seen all summer. Although activities may have been limited, residents were able to get creative and enjoy the heat, allowing the usually bustling with activity areas of the community to remain in the norm.


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