Over the Weekend in Hunts Point


Hunts Point train station at night. (Photo By: Tandy James)

Hunts Point train station at night. (Photo By: Tandy James)

By Tandy James

A horrendous act of violence occurred too close for comfort in the Hunts Point area, according to the New York Post.
On July 3, at the corner of Westchester and Southern Boulevard, an MTA bus driver was slashed by a passenger. The incident took place late afternoon. Police do not know why or what may have agitated the passenger to commit the slashing. The injuries sustained by the bus driver are not life threatening, nonetheless, it still raises some safety concerns amongst the residents of the Hunts Point area.
Just before our nations birthday, residents had to deal with the uneasy feeling of danger in the area. When asked about plans for the holiday and what was going be done in light of recent events, locals did not have many nice things to say. Gwenette Timmerman, a teacher in the area said,
“How are these kids going to enjoy themselves when there’s danger lurking on every corner. Of course danger is imminent in a society like this but geez, can’t there be any safe place.”
After hearing this I proceeded to ask Ms. Timmerman what kind of safe places are around the area, and she answered,
” Not many, the library mainly has some events to keep the kids engaged, but they’re not fun enough to attract a real crowd.”
Hunts Point is known for its crime and there is a heavy stigma surrounding it. This may be one of the many reasons why there is not enough effort going into stopping crime around the area. Crime affects many things in the neighborhood, though a common theme collected from the residents, is the welfare of the children.
“Where are they gonna go?”asks Evelyn Ramirez a resident in Longwood for five years; “Where is my grandson supposed to play with all these psychos running around? I mean c’mon, its like we can’t go outside without getting shot!”
With excitement running high around the holiday, it’s very hard to escape the desire to go outside for some fun.
Most residents went elsewhere, such as Coney Island, Orchard Beach or the local Barretto Pool. Unfortunately for those who have to stay closer to home, options are limited.
Tyler Barr, a student and resident shared his concerns about the topic, saying, “It makes me scared to go outside or even go to school. Its summer now so I can stay home but what’s gonna happen when I’m forced to go outside to go to school?”
Residents agree that this type of crime can not go on. It does not stop at the slashing of a bus driver, it can easily escalate to a stabbing or shooting. The Hunts Point community is afraid for the upcoming generation’s safety. They continue to look endure the dangers near them.


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