Parkchester: Always in Action

Walkway in Metropolitan Oval, towards the fountain.  (Photo by Sonya Kedarnath)

Walkway in Metropolitan Oval, towards the fountain.
(Photo by Sonya Kedarnath)

By Sonya Kedarnath

The Bronx could be classified as a culturally diverse, and lively place to live in. Some residents are in high favor of this classification.

Over 72 years ago, the Parkchester region of the Bronx was established by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. Over time, parts of the area were sold to realtors and business owners to increase profits. Today, the section of the Bronx is ethnically diverse and highly populated.

The Parkchester region is mainly famous for the beautiful fountain in the Metropolitan Oval. The scenery includes a walkway of flowers and green surroundings and many benches.

The Fourth of July weekend opened new doors of public activities for the residents of Parkchester. The Parkchester Branch Public Library, created activities for all age groups. These activities include gaming, dancing, arts, and literature. Throughout the month of July, there will also be a scheduled planning for each.

In honor of Independence Day, the library is offering technology classes, for the opportunity for students to gain knowledge on the soldiers and other types of heroic figures in society.

A local library visitor (whom refused to give personal information such as her surname) stated that the library is “convenient”. Maria has lived in the Parkchester area for roughly 12 years. She has begun to raise her daughter there. Maria says she believes that the library is a good source of positive influence for her family.

Although she likes the area, Maria also has thought up of some negative factors. When asked about the negatives of Parkchester, Maria said, “other than the Park Management, everything else is fine”.

Events covered in Parkchester are full of hospitality and warmth. Most people seem to enjoy the region and cooperate with others well. A longtime visitor, Barbara Ramirez, says, “for the most part, we all get along.”


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