Students Oppose Increase in CUNY Tuition

By Zulema Rodriguez

After the City University of NY approved a $300 annual increase in tuition for the next five years, on November 22, students took it to the streets to protest, according to many reports.

At Lehman College in the Bronx – one of CUNY’s 24 colleges in the city – I interviewed students discussing their disapproval of the tuition hikes, citing challenges for families that are already struggling financially, and mentioned that the increased cost may deteriorate students from going to college at all.

Noelia Guerrero, a 17 year-old student, disagrees with the City University Board of Trustees increasing the cost of tuition. “It’s unfair, people don’t have enough money to pay,” said Ms. Guerrero.

“Because of the cost, students aren’t able to go to college,” she said. She then added that instead of increasing tuition, they should lower it and provide more help for students. Even Tatiana Pagan, a Lehman College student, says she disagrees with the increase in tuition.

“I’m a single mother, which means extra costs,” she said.

“This is horrible,” Ms. Pagan said. “They aren’t looking at the bigger picture,” she added.

Ms. Pagan says that although she understands why they would want to increase student tuition, she believes that they should look at it from “a different perspective.”

“They should look at it from the point of view of the students,” she said.

When asked if she agreed or disagreed with increasing tuition costs, Maria Dominguez Cariño, an 18 year-old student said she “disagreed completely.”

“It’s hard enough to get into college now,” said Ms. Dominguez Cariño.

According to Ms. Dominguez Cariño, increasing tuition is unfair and should not be done because she believes that people will not want to go to college due to its high cost.

Ms. Dominguez Cariño said that the cost of tuition should not increase because it is “already high” and that by increasing it more, “it will make students not want to study,” and will potentially “make students want to quit.”

The City University board decision that CUNY tuition for students will increase left students feeling that the decision is completely unfair. They completely oppose the idea of increasing tuition for college. They think it’s “unfair,” “unjust,” and they “don’t agree” They hope The City University board realizes that increasing the cost of tuition is not a good idea at all.


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