The Zimmerman Case: The People’s Side

By Rica Roberts

In New York, many court cases deal with very controversial ideas. The George Zimmerman Case has been on the news for many months now, and many people are voicing whether Trayvon Martin deserves justice and why this case is so important.

As the case continues to develop, people are showing their true feelings on whether or not they think the George Zimmerman case is really needed.

“I think there shouldn’t be a case. They know they murdered Trayvon,” says 17 years-old Mariama Sabaly referring to Zimmerman. She then added by saying that she is against Zimmerman, and that he is just denying the truth.

During the case, Zimmerman states he did it out of self-defense. “He was carrying a gun,” Sabaly said. She then added by saying that he was in control of the situation.

“If you’re the one with the gun you have most of the power,” she said, “Sorry to say I think he’s racist.” This reminded Sabaly about another case that involved the difference in race.

According to, in Jackson, Georgia a black man named Troy Davis was executed because the jury accused him of killing a white cop, Mark MacPhail, even though there was no evidence to prove that he was guilty.

How does this affect the million of young people today? Some feel scared to go outside because there might be another Zimmerman ready to come after them.

“I feel scared, like I’m gonna get shot too,” says 16 year-old Dexter Porter.

Other people, such as tutors Anna Rondon and 39 year-old Dea Allen,  are ready to “Turn Up on 40,” feel empowered and ready to “bring the soap boxes” says Allen, in order to share their opinions on the case.

“My issues are, why is this case getting so much publicity? Blacks kill blacks all the time,” says Allen. “It does not make sense, especially with someone non-white,” referencing Zimmerman’s ethnicity.

She also shares how many of the controversial things said in the case do not make sense. “How can you defend yourself on a cell phone,” says Allen, referring to whether or not there was self-defense on Zimmerman’s part.

When asked if she thought racism would ever come to an end, she said, “No, because African Americans were brought here by force, and forced to stay by the whites. So, we don’t know much, ” says Allen, “Even with a black president.”

This case even brings up issues on people being labeled as a “type.”

Allen says, “They fit a description. What is this description?” Some teens wear a certain style and because of this, the “law” targets them.

“That is how they dress. This is just making things stereotypical,” says Rondon.

Because of Zimmerman, people are now more than ever questioning the law and young people have to suffer.


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