CUNY Tuition Hikes: Effective or Not?


Students protests against CUNY tuition hikes.
(Photo by Daniel Goodman/ Business Insider)

By Sage Hunter 

As tuition soars for CUNY students, people question if their financial stability is in jeopardy.

Many students question if the money the colleges are getting from this tuition hike is going to be used effectively.

These controversial hikes were put into place by the CUNY Board of Trustees, and approved by state lawmakers. The idea for tuition hikes was a part of the law called “rational tuition”. According to CUNY Education, the law was passed in June 2013 and the price of tuition will rise from $4,830 to an outstanding $6,330 this fall. That is a substantial $1,500 dollars more than last year.

According to CUNY officials, the boosts were necessary because of increasing enrollment and declining financial support from the states.

“This is going to bring a lot of problems to students who don’t have money” said Lehman College Freshman, Dennis Rivera.

Dennis Rivera continued by saying, “I live in a single parent household with my father and I think that I will certainly have to take out loans because of these hikes.”

When asked, if he thinks students will not go to college because of these increases in tuition, he stated, “The higher prices shouldn’t stop them from going because there’s scholarships out there that can help students out.”

Not only will this bring many financial problems to students, but also many college students hope that the money that colleges are receiving will be put to good use.

According to Lorbyln Osei-Ofori, a college student, she hoped that the money the colleges are getting will be used to pay teachers more money, rather than using it for new computers that colleges have already have.

When asked, will you be taking out loans because of this tuition hike, Ms. Lorblyn Osei-Ofori said, “I will probably have to take out loans but I hope I will qualify to take them out.”

Students, especially freshman students, who enrolled in CUNY before lawmakers passed the tuition hike don’t know if they can handle the added costs.

Carmelle Cherry, a freshman student from Lehman College told us that these hikes would not help her in any way. Coming from a single parent household she said, “already puts a burden on financial stability and now with these hikes I’m going to have multiple jobs to pay for all of this.”

Ms. Cherry continued by saying how the only way that this will be effective, is if it helps out her education in some way.

Grant manager at Lehman College, Erin Twomey, said how she felt the hikes are very unfair and hopes something will be done, and hoped it will be effective.

When asked if students will not go to college because of these hikes, she said, “It will definitely stop students from going to CUNY colleges and start going to community colleges instead.”


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