Local Co-op City Fireworks Dazzle Residents

By Sage Hunter

Welcome sign to Co-Op City (Photo by Sage Hunter)

Welcome sign to Co-Op City
(Photo by Sage Hunter)

Braving through the scorching heat on Wednesday evening, July 3rd, excited residents of all kind, crowded all available space on the Main Section 2 Greenway to see the Firework Spectacular provided by the Riverbay Fund.

Residents in lawn chairs anticipated the arrival of the local group, Tony Lewis and Friends. The local group performed a variety of musical selections, which included Rhythm, Blues and Funk.

Residents cooled off with the provided refreshments of the community’s youth sports teams.

Long time residents, Jewel and Raymond Williams, who viewed the fireworks from their terrace in building 6, enjoyed the firework spectacular.

“They are convenient, right in home territory. We can walk to them or view them from our terrace. There’s no need for transportation,” said the long time residents.

When asked, if these fireworks remind them of any significant memories, the couple stated, “that they reminded them of the Macy’s Fireworks, but it’s too much of a hassle to get there, so we enjoy the local fireworks that are offered in Co-Op City, that have gotten better over time.”

The couple continued to reminisce about when they use to take their two sons, Glen and Steven, to see the Macy’s Fireworks by the water on 125th street in Manhattan. The couple said it used to be less crowded back then.

These fireworks are for a variety of residents, young and old.

Co-Op City Little League Field across from Main Section 2 Greenway.

Co-Op City Little League Field across from the Main Section 2 Greenway, under construction.
(Photo by Sage Hunter)

Mother of two, Casey Arnold, viewed the fireworks on the greenway with her two kids, seven year-old, Bianca and eight year-old, Michael.

“This is a tradition for my family”, Ms. Arnold stated. “I take my kids to see the fireworks because they get bigger and better each year and my family really enjoys it. It also keeps my kids entertained for a while,” Ms. Arnold laughed.

As the colorful fireworks exploded in the sky and dazzled residents, there is  no telling what next year will have in store.


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