Are Weather Changes in Pelham Too Hot to Handle?

By Justin Vega

Pelham Bay Park on a hot saturday afternoon By Justin Vega

Pelham Bay Park on a hot saturday afternoon
By Justin Vega

With heat on the rise changes are coming about, some speculate that these changes involve crime rates and mass transit. The people of Pelham assert their opinion on the matter.

When asked if she thought heat had an impact on people committing crime Pelham resident Marisol Rivera responded “Yes because they’re more agitated because it is too hot”

“I know I get cranky when I’m Hot”, said Rivera.

As described by psychology professor Craig A. Anderson, the heat hypothesis is a theory that states “hot temperatures can increase aggressive motives and behaviors”. This idea is shared among many residents in the Pelham area who are worried that with the oncoming heat, crime will ensue. The heat effect is when aggression is caused by rising temperature and the two are very widely regarded theories.

Even a police officer, who didn’t want his name taken because police officers have specific press policies, responded on his noticed effects of the summer blaze.
“More work, more people in the streets and more crime.”

There are definitely more people heading out on the streets during the summer whether it be for going to the beach or just hanging out. Ms. Rivera also contributed that the reason she believes crime increases is more people are “hanging out” and “drinking beer” which cause fights.

Although, the proposed increase in crime by residents is not necessarily proven many are worried that it is the case. The supposed increase in crime could due to increased juvenile populations in the streets due to the end of school year -as hypothesized by Ms. Rivera- or whether it is sporadic behavior according to the Piece written about the heat hypothesis by Mr. Anderson.

Michelle Velez weighs in expressing her belief that “The heat is driving everyone crazy so that’s why they’re doing what they’re doing.”

Either way it is unsure if heat or the other two possibilities are to blame for the worries but there are definite changes in business and public transit.

“Most people use the train the most, but the bus gets used a lot as well,” said Joshua Vega in regards to an increase in public transportation usage.

“Since you need to go to catch the bus over here to get to orchid beach many people come through this area,” added Mr. Vega

Well if it’s crime or mass transit heading to the beach, according to these sources one thing is for sure, a lot more people are active this time of the year.


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