The Frisky Business of Stop and Frisk

By Justin Vega

Stop and frisk is a controversial policy set in 2002 that allows police to stop and search people based on their personal judgment and suspect’s appearance.

The reason stop and frisk is deemed controversial is that the policy allows police officers to profile based on age and race or whatever seems suspicious to their own personal views.

“It is making a judgment on how a person looks and not how a person is.” Says a Lehman college student Carmen Musteliere.

“It Violates Rights,” “It sucks” added Edwin Martinez a Lehman College faculty member.

According to the New York Civil Liberties Union, there have been over 4 million reported stop and frisk procedures done since it’s beginning in 2002. The process has also been called “ineffective” by people such as Edwin Martinez because as expressed by the New York Civil Liberties Union every nine out of ten people involved in stop and frisk procedures are innocent. Therefore, 90% of those chosen for the process are innocent.

“It has nothing to do with decreased crimes in New York City.” Express Ms. Musteliere.

The reason many people are so up in arms about the topic of stop and frisk is that there are many negative claims being put forth about the policy.

Claims such as that it “Profiles latino and black people.” said a Lehman student named Carmen Musteliere. With opinions like this on the matter the issue called to question is: is the stop and frisk procedure a violation of rights or necessary precaution?

On the other hand, proponents of the stop and frisk police procedure believe the opposite. Sandra Tejada, a Lehman college student, expresses her belief that “In today’s worlds it’s perfectly fine” on the matter of stop and frisk and also argues that situations such as “The Boston Marathon” bombing are examples of why stop and frisk policies should be in place.


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