Keeping up With Zimmerman: What College Students think of The Zimmerman Trial

By Niya Harry

Some people care, some people don’t, but everyone has an opinion. People around the Lehman College campus give their insight on what they think about the Zimmerman Case.

They gave their opinions on things like if they thought the case was a fair one, is it was based solely on race, and other topics.

Trayvon Martin, a seventeen year-old African American male, was shot and killed in February of 2012, by George Zimmerman a Hispanic, White-American of German descent. Zimmerman was born on October 5, 1983 in Mananas, Virginia. Martin was said to only have an Arizona Iced Tea bottle and, Skittles with him, no weapon at all. Zimmerman claimed, he felt threatened and, only shot him out of self defense and, is accused of 2nd degree murder. It’s been a year since the ordeal but Trayvon’s parents have yet to receive justice.

On June 24th the trials began with opening statements about the situation. Prosecutors would speak in favor of Trayvon and bring about witnesses the first week then it would be the defendants’ (Zimmerman) the following week. According to CNN, Zimmerman’s defense attorney claims that he shot Trayvon out of self-defense but prosecutors believe that there was no provocation.

Many people around campus had their own opinions on the case. When Candice Harris was asked if she followed the case, she answered, “not really, I can’t tell you anything that goes on.”

She along with others talked about what they thought about the case. When asked if she thought the case should be televised, she answered, “No, I mean it doesn’t affect the jurors, but people could get angry.”

An all female jury was selected to try George Zimmerman and knowing this, Harris responded, “All women jurors, I don’t know how fair that is” Many people also think the Trial is solely based on race and Candice, thought so too. “Yes, I think so”, she replied.

Another student, Tanisha White also had an opinion. When asked if she followed the case, she replied, “No”, and when asked if she thought that the case should be televised she said “Yes.”

Ms. White doesn’t follow the case but sure did have an opinion about it. “I just think if he did something wrong, he should go to jail and, God knows what he did.” she answered when asked if it was a fair trial. “If he is found not guilty, he’ll have to live the rest of his life with that guilt, I’m sorry to say but, he’ll want to kill himself.”

Ms. White also thought it had a lot to do with race as well. “It does but, they don’t want to make it seem like that,” she said.

A college official, who didn’t want to identify himself answered, “I guess” when asked if he followed the case. When asked if he thought the trial should be televised he answered, “No, because Americans don’t take justice seriously, they think its theater” Speaking on behalf of most Americans he also said, “we like to laugh at things.” When asked if he thought the trial was fair, he answered, “yeah, its a fair trial, every man has a right to defend themselves.”

He also had a comment to make about race: “Yeah, but its not, people view it in regards to race.”


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