Shanae Nelson: On Success, College and, Her Future

By Niya Harry

Seventeen year-old Shanae Nelson is determined, has high expectations for herself, and strives to be the best person she can be.

Relocating from Jamaica to New York just two years ago, Shanae Nelson has learned so much, and is currently striving towards being successful and, is working towards achieving her dreams. She attends Astor Collegiate Academy in The Bronx, where she says she earns 90 and above in all of her classes.

Nelson is especially strong in English but, one of her least favorite subjects is math. “The teacher gives us quizzes every Friday, pop quizzes too, and he has no mercy,” she says. “. Sometimes, he gives one question on a quiz and if you get it right, you get 100% and if you get it wrong you get a zero.” Shanae says when asked about why math is her least favorite subject

. A teacher who encourages her to do well and helps her i s was her Geometry teacher, Mr. Dillon.

Shanae says “He really cared, he would help us during his lunch break whenever we needed it.” Nelson recalls.

High School has changed Shanae in some ways as well. She says that “You meet people from different backgrounds and learn to be your own person,” she said about the experience, adding that Shanae says that high school has inspired her to be the best person she could possibly be.

In fact, Nelson is She is every bit as determined to be the best person she could be just as she was about making the volleyball team. When she did didn’t make it the first time, she tried again, and was successful the second time around. However, she eventually did however, has to give up volleyball in order to take college courses.

Nelson also has her strong opinions and goals for college as well. Neither of her parents attended college and, she wants to make them proud and be the first. “I want to take care of my family because, they sacrificed a lot”, she says when asked about her parents.

“When you go to college, you will learn to be more mature,” she says when asked about what she thinks she will get out of the college experience.

Though she is still undecided about her major in college, Nelson knows that she is interested in writing and pursuing a career in the science field science. Shenae says that when she goes to college the maturity level has to rise.“When you go to college,you will learn to be more mature” she says when asked about what she thinks she’ll get out of the college experience.

“I hope I’ll i learn not just about my profession, but about life as well,”, she answers when asked about what she hopes to get out of college..

Shanae moved from Jamaica to New York two years ago. Nelson has three brothers and, an one sister. “I look up to my older brother and I try to be a good person,” she says about one of them. Shanae says, “ I’m determined to live up to my friends’ standards but at the same time be a good role model for them. ” , Shanae said when asked about her friends.

She admits that the transition from Jamaica to New York has not been the easiest for her, and says that it has. She says “it’s been hard for her to fit in and adjust to the system.”

” I don’t like moving,” , she says when asked about how the transition was for her.

Nelson added that She likes and, dislikes the schools in the U.S. at the same time. “The kids can be very racist at times and teachers are blind to what’s going on”, said Shanae when asked about what she thought of the schools here. What Shanae does like is the fact that here, When asked about what she likes about the U.S. and , the schools she answered, “you can be whatever you want to be in life and, I love the food.”

Jamaica, however, is always on her mind.
the food. “ I miss my old friends and, old school,” Shanae said when asked about what she misses about being in Jamaica. “I miss hanging out with my old friends under the tree near my old school.”

Shanae likes to read, watches TV a lot of TV, and, likes to sleep, when she has nothing to do. Her favorite color is purple, her favorite food is pizza, and she is a Christian music lover . “I’m Christian and, it helps me get through the day,” she says when asked about why she like Christian music.

“I’m not so much a risk taker, I follow the rules, and my biggest risk was going on a roller coaster.” ”, Shanae says when being asked about the biggest risk she’s taken. “I’m afraid of the chances I might fail”, she answers when asked why she’s not a big risk taker.

In 9th grade Shanae’s teacher, Mr. Lugo, said that he could see ghosts when he ate pineapple. “He would go on about cemeteries and other things”, says Shanae when asked about her teacher. “ It opened my eyes to see that teachers can be crazy just like students”, she says when asked how this experience affected her.

One of her biggest achievements was that she becoming a member of the National Scholar Society. “I was very proud of myself because it was by invitation only” , says Nelson.

A friend of Shanae’s, Mekeda Brainbridge, who she has known for 1 and a half years because, they went to school together described her as “difficult to leave and impossible to forget.”

“She just has a personality that grows on you”, Brainbridge says.


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