Tremont Traffic Woes: A Community Demands Change

By Niya Harry

The well known street, East Tremont, may not be as safe to drive along as people think. Tremont is a very busy street and often the site of many pile-ups and, hit and runs.

Based on News12, in the last ten days, there have already been two accidents along East Tremont Avenue. On July 2nd, one car reportedly lost control causing a domino effect among other cars. The Westchester Square and, Tremont aveTremont Avenue of the Bronx has for years been the site of many accidents and residents have demanded change. Residents are demanding laws for drivers who think that East Tremont is a racetrack.

A DOT spokesperson has said that the issue would be addressed after an analysis of East Tremont had been made. So far, there has been no change yet.

Just a few days’ later three people were rushed to the hospital after a four car pile-up. This was also the result of a speeding car causing another dangerous and fatal pile-up on East Tremont.

“There is lots of congestion , lots of pedestrians, lots of foot-traffic and it’s very populated”, said Lenee Byrd when asked about what kind of street East Tremont was. Being a driver for twenty-two years, Ms. Byrd knows what driving there is like.

When asked if driving there was safe, she replied “yes and no, I think its a safe street when people don’t double park.” Ms. Byrd thinks that the main issue of accidents and safety hazards are double parkers. “They should crack down on double parkers and ticket them, and put more speed bumps.”

Another resident had a different point of view. “Not many accidents, congressional yes, there is lots of traffic when school is in”, says Delores Spellman, who has been a homeowner on East Tremont for more than thirty years. “There is lots of designated driving”, she says.

“My one suggestion would be to add more traffic signs to make the street safer.” she says when asked about how to make East Tremont a safer place to drive.


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