DREAM Act: Positive or Negative, and To Whom?

By Sonya Kedarnath

Americans believe America is a place that is full of opportunities. The newfound immigration level sparked widespread interest in the DREAM Act. People in Parkchester sound off about the effects the DREAM Act will have on undocumented immigrants.

Many people have emigrated to the states for many different reasons. Some reasons include advanced opportunities, poverty, and expansion of culture. The passing of the DREAM Act will make achieving these goals much easier. But there are some conflicting opinions about having this Act.

The purpose of the DREAM Act is to give residency to undocumented minors. Evidently, immigrants would find this change to be nothing less than beneficial. However, some may believe there could be a potentially down side to the Act.

Georgina Arevalo, a retail store employee says, “The DREAM Act would be nice for people to come here and study”. This meaning those who are focused on furthering their education would be able to do so with full advantage, given by the DREAM Act. She continues with a negation, saying “the immigration process is very complicated.” There would have to be deep dedication from people to actually make them a citizen.

Those that are interested in becoming citizens would need to go through numerous steps. Some of these steps are waiting for proper documents, getting all papers ready for request of citizenship, money burden, and fully understanding the expectations. Arevalo claims the DREAM Act would “lessen” the tension of immigrants having to go through the long process. The Act would be ultimately positive for the immigrants, being granted an easier way to get full rights.

Some individuals believe the DREAM Act will only add to the disruption in neighborhoods. Melanie Acoste says “I don’t think it (the DREAM Act) would provide great changes”. Because of the unfair tendencies and racism she says she witnessed, Acoste believes it will only contribute to the uprising violence among clashing races and ethnicities.

“(The DREAM Act) will give better opportunities to reinstate ourselves as human beings” says the tall and deep voiced, Hector Gomez. He believes the DREAM Act will “give more workers” to America, resulting in a rising economy. Gomez also believes immigrants will have a “second chance at life” if they were to come to America, with foundation from the DREAM Act.

Those in favor of the DREAM Act use more freedom and better chances as a reason for their decision. Those opposing the DREAM act cite increase in violence as their reason. “The DREAM Act is a pretty difficult situation” says Melanie Acoste, with a stern expression.


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