Immigration Reform: Necessary or Not?

By Yaribel Genao


Kingsbridge residents talk about the immigration reform.

“I came one year ago from the Dominican Republic with my daughter, she has a problem on her back, so she needed another surgery, her 5th, we came here for her surgery then we were suppose to go back to DR, but I decided to stay here to look for a better future for my daughter,” said Francisca B. in Spanish who is now leaving undocumented in the U.S.

43 years-old Francisca resides in her sister’s house with her daughter. Her daughter goes to school while Francisca goes out to try to find a job where documents are not required “But that has been impossible, I Haven’t work since I got here,” Francisca said.

Immigration has long been a hot topic in the United States, but since President Obama’s reelection, the debate has increased in intensity. Obama promised that he was going to pass immigration reform, and since he won his second term that has been his main focus.

Now an immigration bill is being reviewed by the senate, the bill was already approved by congress. Undocumented Immigrants and other United States residents have different opinions about the immigration reform.

Franklin Almonte who came from Dominican Republic with his father,who is a permanent resident said he thinks it is time for immigrants to get rewarded by the U.S government for all the work and all the good things they have contributed since they started migrating to this country. “They are hard workers, one of the reason why this is one of the best countries” Almonte said.

When asked about the bill being reviewed now Almonte said “This is the hardest part, I hope the Republicans don’t break the bill, and open a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States,” Franklin said. “They don’t want hard working immigrants to become U.S citizens,”.

Alicia Marquez whose family is from Puerto Rico, was born and raised here in the U.S. She said she has friends whose family members are undocumented and she knows how these people have a big role in the U.S economically and in other ways. But she added that, “a reform on immigration would have its positive and negatives.”

“US borders would be more secure, it will lower the amount of illegal labor, and of course boost the economy,” Marquez said. “However, if amnesty is given to the immigrants who are illegally now, this will raise the assumption that if people come over illegally, they will eventually receive this amnesty as well. This could cause overpopulation and cause illegal immigration to continue to rise.”

Almonte admits that a immigration reform will also cause problems for the country. “In the job industry there is a lot of struggle, because of the high rate of unemployment, if the reform passes there will be more job competition and higher unemployment,”

However, he added, “This needs to be done! The system is broken, if you don’t fix it, more people will try to cheat and those 11 million will turn into 30 million people 20 years from now,” Almonte said.


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