Immigration Reform: Will it Affect the Economy?

Painting of Immigrants protesting.
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By Sage Hunter 

Immigration reform has been a heavily debated topic in many states, especially in Washington D.C. Immigration reform holds the fate of about 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States.

Immigration reform is a widely described proposal to increase legal immigration and decrease illegal immigration.

Many law officials, as well as local residents of neighborhoods such as Co-op City, try to determine the impact of legalizing undocumented immigrants, and the effect it will have on the economy.

According to NBCLatino, The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) argues that legalization would entice more foreigners to cross the border illegally and thus become a burden to the already ailing U.S economy by increasing completion with U.S- born workers and draining government funded programs.

Many organizations, as well as political figures such as Republican representative of Iowa, Steve King and republican representative of Texas Louie Gohmert, are going against Immigration reform.

According to the Huffington Post, Republican representative of Iowa, Steve King, compared immigrants to dogs, and is a long-time opponent of illegal immigration.

Even though many people are strongly against Immigration reform, there are many supporters who advocate for Immigration reform.

School teacher, Eunice Padilla, says, “Immigrants should get a chance to be legalized and not live in fear of being deported. I personally feel that immigrants will help bring more money in the economy. There will be more jobs, which means more growth.”

According to CNBC, author Raul Hinojosa-Ojeda says, “It [Immigration reform] means there is more money circulating in the economy. It means the economy is able to support a lot more jobs, so everybody wins.”

Hinojosa-Ojeda continued by saying that legalizing immigrants would be more beneficial to the economy by generating additional taxes, increasing consumption and allowing immigrants to climb the occupational ladder, among other things.

The debate of immigration has been the central topic of the Senate and people still question if more legal immigrants equals a better economy?

“I wonder if the economy will be any better if they legalize immigration. I think that the economy will be the same, still in turmoil if anything was to changes,” says Helen Kramer, long time resident of building 5 in Co-op City.

As the controversial debate on immigration reform rolls on, many people continue to wonder if it will affect the economy in anyway.


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