Immigration: Stay or Get Deported?

By Raphia Ngoutane

There are many immigrant families living in

(Photo by Jonathan McIntosh ) Via

(Photo by Jonathan McIntosh ) Via

constant fear and, panic, as to whether they will be caught and, deported for not having legal papers. They are concerned about their children’s future, and as to whether they would ever attend college or have a decent job. We asked a couple of Mott Haven’s residents about their thoughts on immigration.

Immigration reform has been one of the most heated and, debated policies in the nation. An ongoing discussion of the rights for immigrants who arrive to America to either stay here and, gain the path to citizenship or, get deported back to their country of origin.

When asked about his thoughts on immigration “Yeah they can have the right,” answered Randy Hampton, clarifying that immigrants should have the right to live in the United States, attend college and, the right to a decent job.

“We always jump countries to countries for wars; without cleaning up our own backyard” says Kenneth Ricks, referring to America constantly interfering into other countries’ problems without solving their own. When asked about his view on deportation and the prisons installed for it he commented, “It’s almost like modern day slavery,” meaning that America is supposed to be a land of opportunity, but you have the government placing in new policies for immigrants.

“It’s alright, it’s ok everyone need someplace to go.” said Jason Pery. “If they doing something illegal then they should be deported.” mentioned Pery. “If you are not helping the problem, you’re hurting the problem.” added Pery, meaning that if immigrants are here in the United States, working hard and, trying to make the best of their stay here then they should allow them to stay, instead of deporting them without reason.


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