Think Immigration!

By Khemilla Kedarnath

Immigration reforms have grown much controversy over time in New York. As formerly reported, President Barack Hussein Obama said, “Immigration reform would make it easier for highly skilled immigrants and those who study at our colleges and universities to start businesses and create jobs right here in America”, in his weekly address. For locals in the Van Nest area, this topic has not stirred much dispute amongst the community. However, the citizens were welcome to explaining their opinions. For some, this issue stimulated a quick response as to what needs to change, but for others, immigration reforms did not concern them.

He clarifies that he is not an immigrant however, Adrian Dobson, an employed engineer, shares that some of his friends are Polish and Vietnamese. He explains that they are immigrants and have to succumb to relatively low-income jobs because they are not citizens. He tells that they come from places where people have a low standards of living, therefore, they “come to America to have a better life but they are stuck with bad jobs.” He agrees that there should be more changes when it comes to immigration reforms. He finishes, “These people have to work tirelessly to provide for their families, and they don’t get paid enough.”

Receptionist for John K. Akpalu & Associates, Melissa Perez, also advocates for immigration reform. She states that “what the government is doing with the Dream Act is great”, she continues, “However, they can do more to assure the well-being of immigrants.” Although she is not an immigrant, Melissa believes that the government should place more money for different programs that will help immigrants. For example, she states “education is what many immigrants need to succeed, so the government should create programs to benefit them.”

Brian Helener, who is also not an immigrant, explained that immigration reforms do not concern him. However, he stated that “what the government is doing with these laws Immigration reforms  is good, I guess.” He continues, “I wouldn’t go to Texas because that’s where you’ll find most of them.”

American resident Chris Fernandez says that immigration reforms did not affect him. He mentioned that his father is currently an immigrant; however he has “definitely assimilated to American culture.”

According to the statements from Van Nest’s residents, the immigration reform controversy stirs different reactions from people in the neighborhood. Despite that these locals are not immigrants they still believe that reforms are necessary to better the lives of immigrants in the United States.


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