A Dream or A Nightmare: What the Dream Act Really Is

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A little boy holds the American flag in hopes that he will have a future.
(Photo by AP Photo)

By Niya Harry

All a person needs is a dream and a chance to achieve that dream. Immigrants, for example, deserve the chance to stay in the United States whether they are doing good for the economy or, doing good for the country.

The Dream Act, which was agreed upon by both Republicans and, Democrats wants to give those who were brought into the country illegally as minors a chance. If they are in college, serving in the army, have a good job, and most importantly have lived in the country for a long enough time, they won’t be deported.

Based on Whitehouse. Gov., only the best and the brightest young people who have worked rigorously to get where they are now will earn legal status in the United States. The idea as a whole is an amazing one but, that I don’t agree with. Why should those who aren’t as bright as some of the immigrants not be given a chance? It’s unfair. An illegal immigrant who has been in the United States for a while, and who has worked hard to get where they are deserves a chance just as much as the next person.

The Dream act will reportedly help country’s global economy to be more competitive, contribute to the military’s recruitment efforts, and readiness, and will have important economic benefits. This I really do agree with because the less immigrants getting deported for unnecessary reasons, the more there are benefiting America in some way.
It’s honestly surprising that republicans, and Democrats agreed on this because factually both parties have very different views.

There are however, some aspects of the Dream Act that I don’t at all agree with. For example, the Whitehouse.Gov website says that; young people must meet several requirements to qualify, this only applies to those who’ve entered the U.S. as children, those who apply will be subject to rigorous criminal background checks and, The fees for USCIS for application procession, etc. The fact that young people have to meet certain requirements is bogus, because all young immigrants deserve a chance. I also don’t agree with having to enter the U.S. as a child because people who are older also deserve a chance to make it. The intense background checks, personally is a bit much. That would be like harassing someone every 2 Minutes about what they’re doing.

Its almost as if they are putting this good thing out there, but making it a struggle to qualify, to bear. After six years of knowing an immigrant’s status, they have to meet more requirements. That’s like handing someone a thousand dollars but taking it back and, saying its here, you just have to wait to spend it.


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