All Are Equal Before The Law, Including Chris Brown

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By Valerie Garofalo

Chris Brown the teenage heart throb of many teenage girls growing up has made a turnaround in the past few years.

Parents usually fear of their child going into the entertainment business because of all the risks that child stars can get into. We know of the current infamous stories of child stars like Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, Britney Spears, Macaulay Culkin, Michael Jackson, including Chris Brown and so on that start off successful and drastically change.

Chris Brown was known for his catchy songs like “Wall to wall”, “Kiss Kiss” and for the many collaborations with other musicians in the industry. He was known as the good boy/ role model for many kids as part time actor but what happened when a few years passed and all the headlines were about him?

From singing and dancing with a little bit of acting, he then changed to the now known notorious Chris Brown who on February 2009 allegedly beat his then girlfriend, singer Rihanna. The incident became a blown out controversy that caused him his career. After the incident with Rihanna, Chris Brown tried to reconstruct his image with some success.

When celebrities cause big scandals they usually try to get away with what they do, just because they think they are important. In other cases maybe the celebrity might have in mind that the judges kids could be a fan or think “Maybe the judge would remember me in that one movie”, without thinking of the real consequences and the laws we all have to face when we commit a crime.

I think that if we commit crimes we should pay for them just as bad as anyone else. The laws shouldn’t change to compromise another person, the laws should remain fair and money or looks shouldn’t determine the type of sentence we receive.

As Chris Brown pleaded guilty on June 2009 for beating Rihanna, he was sentenced to 180 days of community service and five years on probation. Turns out we find out years later that he faked his hours in community service. His probation was revoked as he stirred up more controversy after being accused of rear-ending a women’s Mercedes and refusing to solve the situation and acting aggressive towards the women.

Before the car incident, Chris Brown was a part of a huge confrontation when he had a fight with rapper Drake. The fight was at a NYC club where many were left injured after bottles of liquor were being thrown. Therefore Chris Brown’s actions haven’t been so good lately.

Chris Brown’s court hearing is going to be followed up this week; I hope he is sentenced fairly without any benefits of being a celebrity, without finding a loophole to let him off, “Did the crime, pay the time.”


2 responses to “All Are Equal Before The Law, Including Chris Brown

  1. I agree with your point.I also think that some celebrities believe they can get away with stuff because they have a song on the radio,but cases like Chris Brown shows that justice is the same to all citizens.

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