Chris Brown: Not a God

Chris Brown sitting in court waiting for his hearing to begin. (Photo by David McNew via

Chris Brown Sitting In court waiting for his trial to begin.
(Photo by David McNew via

By Michael Balbuena

America is slowly, but certainly becoming a place where a person who is well known in the current media has the ability to get away with any acts of crime and not be charged as normal citizens would. The fame and glory provided by the supposed talent that one has, does not give any person the ability or permission to do as they please and know that there are no consequences to follow. All men are created equal so all men should be tried equally.

In 2009 singer Chris Brown was involved in a large scandal with the female artist Rihanna in which Brown assaulted Rihanna in a violent fashion leaving her hospitalized for a period of time. This assault was allegedly brought on by Rihanna because of the fact that during a meeting in between the two she began to dispute with him over something which had happened previously, with a text message. Brown expressed to the public that the reasons of the dispute began were because of past jealousies which Rihanna held.

In the news we hear at an almost constant rate of all the actors, singers, or other supposedly famous people committing some sort of action in which they receive only a slap on the wrist and are allowed to continue on their way. This in a way is infuriating because if an ordinary person were to do some of the same actions they would be tried to the fullest extent of the law, and there would be no way around it because no man is nearly as well off as singers such as Chris Brown which goes to show that in America money is true power.

My thoughts are that if any person were to conduct themselves in a negative manner and that person were to be someone in the eyes of the public then they should in fact be held to an even higher expectation. The growing youth of today looks up to these people as the ones who in a way made it in life, and if these so called success stories become people who are in fact criminals then what can we come to expect from the youth of today.

The weakening numbers of children who say that their dreams are to grow up to become doctors, lawyers, and scientist is a key sign showing that what is being enforced on everyone who is trying to become the best that they can be, it’s in fact that fame is everything when that is definitely not a true statement.

Many artist and people who are seen in the media today are those who did in not obtain a better education as others are trying to grasp; meaning that when their time in the media is done they have no alternative or plan B to fall back on leaving that person in a state of danger. It is always important to obtain a good educational background before choosing what your path in life will be so that in mind you can be calm in knowing if your first plan does not go as wished you can always do something else.

Returning to the Chris Brown case one may argue that this incident was one of accident, and it should not be held to negatively impact his character, but that could be deemed true if in fact he did not commit any other crimes. Chris brown has had a repeated number of offenses which are held against him all showing his aggressive mannerisms and a person like this should not be looked upon by anyone as a success.

Instead of these media crazed celebrities we as a society need to in some way reshape the way life is seen so that those who are still finding their way understand the true meaning of success, progression, and hard work. Without those who dedicate their lives in finding cures to some of the most vicious diseases known to man today and those who dedicate themselves in the teaching of children we would have no society. Then if we take to the media; what would we truly be missing without one of these singers, and actors who believe they play by a different set of rules than everyone else.

Society has been led astray, and without taking the time to reevaluate the way we are living everyday life there may in fact be no future for the young ones growing up aspiring to achieve greatness.


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