Chris Brown Says ‘Deuces’ To His Probation

By Justin Vega

By Ida Maria via ABC News

By Ida Maria via ABC News

Chris Brown, most popular for his much-favored musical talent and the beating of fellow star Rihanna, may have added the final strike to holding his probation and staying out of jail.

In recent news, Chris Brown was in a car accident that he didn’t file a report for. This, accompanied by his failure to actually do the community service required in his probation, has put singer Chris Brown in a tight spot.

According to CBS News Chris Brown has had his probation “revoked” by the judge James Brandlin. A probation Brown barely even followed in the first place.

Chris Brown not only did not observe the requirement of community service, he also used his stardom to his advantage to avoid the restraining order that required Chris Brown to say a specific amount of feet away from Rhianna. Although Rhianna consented to this seeing that as fellow entertainers they would have to cross paths within the number of feet prohibited, it shows that stars can get away with a lot more than people can.

Actress Lindsay Lohan is another example of such stardom saving someone from the punishment of law. Receiving warning and bracelets that detect drug usage (alcohol is a drug) rehabilitation and minor jailing in comparison to those without such a privilege who would receive the utmost punishment such as the three strikes law in California which convicted Chris Williams with a lifetime of jail according to the Huffington post.

The issue at hand is that stars like Chris Brown and Lindsay Lohan set an example (not a good one but an example all the same) for their fans. The people who follow their behavior and see the lack on ramifications could decide to follow suit, committing crimes and just cite the actions of their favorite stars. It wouldn’t be hard to find them seeing as they are usually in the headlines and top 100 songs.

Providing that Chris Brown is able to get away with violating probation and not getting jail time for such a harsh crime, victims and partakers in domestic violence will take the act less seriously. Victims would believe the abuse they received was their own fault and those who commit the crime would believe it was the victim’s fault as well.

If Chris Brown is not fully punished for his failure to abide by the law others will follow suit. Not only that, but it would also send a message that domestic violence is fine because Chris Brown did it and got away with it. This is a terrible message to send to those who are victims of Domestic Violence given that most victims of domestic violence never report the crimes done against them, according to the National Coalition of Domestic Violence.

Chris Brown must be punished seeing as according to the Coalition of Domestic Violence children who witness domestic abuse are just as likely to commit the crime. Thus meaning this verdict can have a large affect on various groups including men women and children. Think of the children.


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  1. I really like how you incorporated one of his songs into the headline, and your writing is great also. 🙂

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