CUNY Tuitions Increase

by Brenda Bota

“It will stop people from coming to CUNY and go to community colleges,” said Erin Twomey a grant manager of Lehman College who tells how she thinks the CUNY system will be affected because CUNY tuitions are raised.

CUNY students and staff describe the effects of this new plan put on the plate by CUNY board of trustees.

CUNY broad of trustees made an announcement that CUNY tuitions will be raised by 31% (which is $300 and higher) in the next five years which will be effective in the fall of 2013 according to the CUNY board of trustees. What do CUNY students really think about this and the effect it plays on them?
Lehman College freshman, Denise Rivera surprised by this news, saying that he hasn’t heard the news about the raise in tuitions says, “I’ll have situations with getting money.” He also goes on to say “My father is the only one that works and he doesn’t make a lot.”
Ricky Esposito, a CUNY college student says, “Not good. No bueno” and also said, “it makes it harder to get money.”

Khadija Saunders a CUNY former student also says,
“I think it’s unfortunate because people are struggling to pay,” showing her concern for people who don’t have much money coming in, while shopping with friends at the Lehman College Book Store.
“It depends on how they use the funds, if they use it in a good way or bad,” said Vanessa Macancela, a Lehman College student who was on her way to class when stopped to be interviewed and asked whether or not she thinks the money will be used in an effective manner. Nevertheless, many students along with despising the idea of higher tuitions are also worried at the outcome of the extra money CUNY makes from raised tuitions.

“No. definitely not,” said Esposito when asked whether he thinks the CUNY system will effectively use the money they make from raised tuitions. He goes further to explain that the raise of tuition was done before but he did not see any improvements what so ever.
Saunders makes a point saying, “They’re just greedy businesses out there to make money,” stressing her idea on CUNY raising tuitions.

People like Twomey have no option then to hope saying, “I hope it’s going to be used in a good way,” since nobody really knows what CUNY will do with the money and how it’s going to better the CUNY system.
Many people don’t like the idea of tuitions being raised but they rather see a great change in the CUNY system rather than their money being put to waste.


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