Dream Freely With The DREAM Act

DREAM Act via www.crcna.org

Christian Reformed Church via http://www.crcna.org

By Sonya Kedarnath

Is America really the land of the free? The heated topic of immigration is very conflicting because of the support from each side. One side views  immigration as “good,” while the other views it as”bad” for Americans.

Evidently, the land of the free started off with immigrants, and the expansion should also continue with immigrants. With the entrance of different people, there would be an increase in cultural diversity. Maintaining the reputation set for the Americas, immigration should not only be allowed, but also contains easier processes.

The DREAM Act is one component vouching to make the path to citizenship easier. New races and ethnicities would be learned about. Thus, creating a spur of cultural diversity.

Consequently, The DREAM Act is definitely positive for everyone. Immigrants would be able to come to America to fulfill their dreams and advance in their education. These people would also help Americans by contributing to the work force and getting more tasks done.

While promoting good moral character for minors, The DREAM Act serves as a goal for students who seek citizenship. Therefore, perusing them to act with maturity and decency. This can only result in a positive upbringing for the rest of society.

The potential some undocumented students have are shown through their academics. However, the fact that they are undocumented means that the opportunity to expand their education will be tough. The DREAM Act will allow these highly intellectual students to become more challenged, resulting in a generation of less unemployment.

Some American citizens have expressed what they believe to be the negative aspects of having immigrants intermingling with them. Some claim immigrants will only add to the economic recession and promote bad behavior, since these people are “not accustomed to the American way of life.”

The DREAM Act is beneficial to everyone. A large amount of individuals believe the Act will provide diversity, better changes, and universal advancements. Passing the DREAM Act would give Americans a new perspective on people outside of their country.


2 responses to “Dream Freely With The DREAM Act

  1. I love your lede, it’s pretty straight forward and makes me the reader think about the question. I also like how you mentioned the role od diversity in immigration.

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