Immigration: Open Doors to Success

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Little boy holds the American flag and wears the shirt that says “Don’t deport my mom”.
(Photo by Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla via

By Raphia Ngoutane

It’s quite humorous how America’s immigration policy has been so full of bias. Aren’t we supposed to be this great “land of opportunity” where people from every walk of life can come and have what we call the “American Dream?” So why is it that nowadays people that migrated to the United States illegally are being deported or imprisoned?

We are all here in the United States because our parents or generations before us believed that America had the tools to offer us tons of opportunities. That anyone, no matter where they came from, male or female, black or white, had the ability to achieve any goal that they put their minds to.

I once had a friend whose family migrated to the United States from Mexico for “a better life”. She was a very intelligent, nice and humbling girl, but even her personality couldn’t stop her from always being disappointed. When she applied for jobs she would be denied because she didn’t have the necesary documents.

That friend of mine wasn’t the only who came through those circumstances. Being an undocumented immigrant in the United States is hard, especially as a young adult who is getting reading to apply for college. He or she will need documents to prove his or her residency and  proof of citizenship.

The Dream Act is a proposal that would be an open door for young immigrants by allowing them to attend college and have the financial support they need.

Let’s not forget how we made it here, we believed it too; America is the “land of opportunity.” Therefore, why change the policy now? Why deport people that are here for a better life, just like generations before us?


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