Immigration Talk

Photo Credit: Getty Images via Fox News

Photo Credit: Getty Images via Fox News

by Brenda Bota

How do people really feel about the idea of immigration?
Immigration is a topic that is very controversial. Everybody has their idea on immigration and how it affects immigrants or countries. Immigration is just one of those things that keep reoccurring every time because it never seems to have a solution.

“I think it’s a big mess. Politicians are playing games, it’s all about the money,” said Toby Garcia as he walks on Claremont Park with a training bag on his left shoulder.

People like Garcia stress their idea on how they think immigrants should “come out the shadow”, and fight for what they need because hiding will not help them because they would not be noticed like Garcia says, “They’ve been in the shadow too long.”

Others like Herbert Rosa, of mixed race saying that his mother is Spanish but was born here, says,
“I never really sat to think about it. I think that immigrants are controlling things and they manipulate resources.” However, Rosa says,
“I think it’s brave for one to come from one fishbowl to another fishbowl. It’s sacrificing,” when talking about how he thinks immigration personally affects immigrants.
Rosa also expresses his idea of immigrants not being treated fair. He says,
“Not at all. I think they are discriminated. I think everybody is discriminated.”
Garcia who also thinks immigrants are not treated fair says, “No they are not treated fair,” and gives examples by mentioning the fact that immigrants work really hard and produce our food, transportation and so forth. However, it is not recognized by anyone because they do not get health benefits, retirements, all they get is a “kick in the butt,” quoted Garcia.
Lauren Lam, a man in his 50’s, has his own mindset about the way immigrants are treated, as he packs his car in front of his white house saying,
“No, of course not. The dominant race sees it as a problem because they think if a crime is not committed by blacks, then it is by immigrants.”

Many hearing about what President Obama’s reform plan say that it’s a great idea but immigrants shouldn’t wait for that to happen, “they should come out of the shadow,” argued Garcia and Lam.
Garcia further explains why this act will be helpful by saying,

“Many people left their country for “the dream”. Until you accomplish something, it’s still a dream. It hurts because sometimes relatives don’t explain to their  kids that they came into this country the wrong way or they’re not “suppose” to be here so they live their life thinking they’re American until they want to retire but can’t.”
“The dream” has set to be the reason why people migrate to America or rich countries, to make it work.
However, people like Rosa think that because someone is an immigrant, it does not stop them from actually living the American dream by saying, “Not at all because they show it’s immeasurableness that can be obtained.”

“Yes, because after hard work people want to become a citizen but can’t because you’re an immigrant,” says Garcia when asked whether he thinks an immigrant cannot complete the American dream without being a citizen.
Immigration has been a reoccurring event throughout all of history and even today for example the huge immigration problem in 1900’s. When asked why this is so, people like Rosa say,

“It’s a treat to the economy. People are insecure about immigrants doing labor.”

Others like Garcia say, “It’ll continue. Everybody wants a better life and they take chances. People will migrate to get money. It’s everywhere.”

World Migration Routes Since 1700  via Global Bhasin

World Migration Routes Since 1700
via Global Bhasin


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