Should You Stay or Should You Go: Immigration and Deportation

By Niya Harry

Everybody knows somebody who isn’t from here and, who has struggled to get where they are now. It is even harder to know somebody who has worked so hard and achieved so much only to get deported in the end. Some people aren’t aware that this happens to many people every day and still counting.

Photo by Eric Thayer of Getty Images

Based on Wiki Answers, Deportation is sending a person back to their mother which of whom does not have the rights to be in this country. In 2012 alone a corporation called ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) removed 409,849 individuals from the United States for multiple reasons. ICE has however prioritized who they remove to those who have broken laws, crossed the border illegally, those who have repeatedly violated immigration laws and, are fugitives from immigration court.

In 2012, ICE, removed 225,390 immigrants from the United States because, they were convicted criminals. 86,405 were removed because they were repeat immigration violators, 69,957, because they crossed the border illegally, 10,423 were immigration fugitives and, 17,674 were just other immigrants who were eligible for deportation.

Based on, their removals are more prioritized than not. People in the neighborhood also have an opinion about illegal immigrants and deportation.

When Rica Roberts, 17 year old student was asked if she thought it was fair for people to get deported she answered, “No, but it depends on who it is and how long they’ve been in the country.” When questioned about what she thought of the current immigration laws she added “There are some but not a lot of people know about them even though its a grave subject.”

Everyone deserves a chance, but do undocumented immigrants deserve one as well? “Yes, because would you like it if you lived here for so long and someone took you away from your home?” Ms. Roberts added. When asked if she knew anybody she mentioned, “I know someone who had to work really hard to get here and to stay.”

Changes in the immigration system aren’t clearly evident but when questioned what she would change she replied, “I don’t really know but I would want a better system.”

Nicole Harris, a 20 year old also had an opinion. When questioned if deportation was fair she replied, “Not really, but, the law is the law you know.” When asked about what she thought of current immigration laws, she said, “I think the laws are alright, I Mean I feel like our country is trying to protect us.”

When asked if she thought undocumented immigrants should be given a chance, she added, “I think everyone deserves a chance even if they are undocumented, “I know I would want a chance.” she said, saying that if she were an undocumented immigrant, she would want to be given a chance instead of being faced with immediate deportation.

When asked if she know anybody she replied, “No, I don’t.” “If I could change something, I would change immediate deportation.”


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