Stop and Frisk: Colored People ONLY

Photo Credit: David Torres. Via New York Post

Policemen stop-and-frisk two African American males.
(Photo by David Torres via The New York Post)

By Brenda Bota

Authorities, specifically policemen, should be watched during work. However, can we trust those higher authorities to do their job right?

The stop and frisk policy is unfair in the sense that authorities abuse their power. When officers are being put into their job, they do whatever is required and they look like they can do the job right with the right heart, but once they leave their job setting, they do what they please. The Stop and Frisk policy deals with a lot of racism and suspicion towards colored people or the way someone is dressed.

“Judging by the cover of the book,” A mentality is drawn upon certain races so when an authority sees that race, already, he or she is thinking that this person might be doing something illegal.

The Stop and Frisk policy is a policy that over years has caused problems to many people and their lives. The simple idea of stopping, when asked to then later being let go because you’re safe is more embarrassing and hurtful then actually being caught if you had some sort of bad possession on you. Why do I say this? Because it’s embarrassing and hurtful to be stopped and frisked because you’re being suspected of something, the reason being you’re dressed a certain way and/or your race.

For an outlook, a guy who lives in my apartment, who is black was going out for a bike ride wearing a baggy hoodie. He was stopped by a policeman and asked some questions and had to take out things in his pocket. Now suppose this was a white man. He would have probably had on gym-looking clothing and he would have not been stopped because if a man is white and has on a white t-shirt and shorts and sneakers with his bike, what shows is that he’s doing anything wrong? Nothing. Now suppose this same white guy had the same outfit as this black guy. Would he have been stopped? No. In the eyes of the authority he’s just going for a bike ride. Also like studies show less Whites commit crimes so the police also has another reason for having his or her suspicions.

Moreover, not many colored people know their rights as a person. Many might allow a police officer search or ask questions when they can actually stop the officer from doing so or they can simply ask why the officer wants to search him or her which the victim has every right to the answer.


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