Stop and Frisk: Intended for Minorities

By Shanae Nelson

Mayor Bloomberg has always been a strong supporter of the New York Police Department. After Mayor Bloomberg Came into office, those stopped and frisked has increased by more than 600% reported (New York Civil Liberties). He has vetoed two bills that were supposed to reform the stop and frisk policy that has caught the attention of so many, especially those of minority groups reported

Minority groups have always been the red dot on the dart board, the scapegoats, the ones to who get slapped in the head and no one gets punished. Thousands of Latinos and African Americans are stopped and frisked on a yearly basis; up to 85% according to Mayor Bloomberg is convince that this is a very productive policy.

The stop and frisk policy is not only embarrassing but also condescending. Often times the police racially profile young men on the streets and if they fit a certain description then they must be guilty of something. The system is meant uphold white supremacy as long as possible and this scheme of theirs shouldn’t be a shocker when we recall historical events.

Imagine going down the street with your mother or spouse and immediately a police car drives up, no questions asked, just slams you to the closest wall and begin to frisk you for no reason at all. They feel the need to do so because that male would have qualified for a criminal after they were profiled by the police.


Other politicians have called for a stop and frisk reform policy including John Liu, Jumaane Williams and Scott Stringer. Mayor Bloomberg may see this stop and frisk policy as a very effective on that saves lives but that’s only because he is not a part of the minority group. He has never been stopped and frisked simply because he looks like someone who shot and killed his neighbor or maybe he was wearing the same shirt as a burglar.

This Operation Clean Halls that was set in place in 1991 is absurd. It allows for the cops to enter private buildings and carry out their “life saving” stop and frisk policy. In 2003, 240,000 of such searches were carried out according to the The effectiveness of the stop and frisk policy is overrated, moreover, there is no effect. In 2002 1,892 died due to gunfire and 97, 296 stops. In 2011, there still remain 1,821 who died of gunshot and 685, 724 stops. Do you see any effect here? Well Bloomberg sees such a big one that he refuses to make any change to this stop and frisk policy.

Almost every Bronx apartment building is registered on Operation Clean Halls, which would benefit the NYPD while threatening the people because what is the Bronx mainly comprised of? Minority groups of course.

“Nobody racially profiles,” Mayor Bloomberg said at a North American Board Meeting for Reform Judaism on May 31, 2013 in New York. I guess someone needs to remind him that racism is alive and well and it seem to have found a resting place in his stop and frisk policy.



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