The Doors Are Wide Open: The Dream Act

By Rica Roberts

There is much to say about the Dream Act. Many are happy because it benefits the people brought into the country. This brings our country into new heights, and together as one nation.

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Supporter of the Dream Act holds a poster at a pro Dream Act protest (Credit to

According to, “There are roughly 1.8 million immigrants in the United States who might be, or might become, eligible for the Obama Administration’s ‘deferred action’ initiative for unauthorized youth brought to this country as children.” This shows that many immigrants that came into the country at a young age can avoid deportation as long as they were here for five or more years, and entered the U.S. before they were sixteen.

Many immigrants came into this country in order to find a better life for themselves. This act will ensure that they are just as American as someone who was born here.

Although the Dream Act is beneficial to many immigrants, there are some concerns on the safety of the country. What if a person eligible for this was an enemy to the country? It is because of this way of thinking that people are against the Dream Act in general. They feel that this will only help enemy countries gain spies in the U.S, but this is not why the Dream Act was thought out.

The Dream Act was made in order to help people, of good morality, who came into this country achieve a better life, and open up opportunities that were not possible for them before. Everyone deserves a chance to better themselves, so why should the government stop them because of where a person was born?

On the Seattle Times website there is an article talks about how Obama’s Dream Act helps out all Americans.

“They were brought to the U.S. by their parents when they were just kids. They have zero culpability for the predicament they find themselves in. They’ve been educated at taxpayer expense, they’ve completed or are in high school, they have clean records and they are good kids — just like their native-born citizen classmates. They are going to be the taxpayers who can help save our decrepit Social Security and Medicare systems. The U.S. is the only place they know as home,” says Tom Roach, author of the article.

Roach’s article shows that no matter who or where you came from, if you were raised here you’re naturally an American. Some people know it will be unjust to kick them out, and send them to a place they don’t even know.

“These kids are bright, tenacious, undeterred and in the U.S. illegally. And, as hard as it is for the “antis” to picture it, these kids are a significant part of the future of America,” says Roach.


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