CNN Visit Was Made Special Thanks to Tami Luhby

Tami Luhby answers questions in one of CNN's conference rooms.

Tami Luhby answers questions in one of CNN’s conference rooms. (Photo by Candace Pedraza)

By Yaribel Genao and Camila Thomas

Journalism students of the College Now program visited the CNN offices at the Time Warner Center in Manhattan with Tami Luhby as their tour guide for the day.

Business journalist Tami Luhby welcomed the College Now students and gave them a tour of the CNN offices. Afterwards, she granted them the opportunity to talk and ask her questions about her life and career as a business journalist in New York.

A Bronx native, Tami Luhby figured out she wanted to be a journalist very early. She said she used to live close to the Lehman College campus until she moved. The house where she grew up could not be maintained by her parents because of their age, and it was sold.

Luhby went to Columbia Journalism School. She worked at The Riverdale Press, a trade publication and Newsday, before moving to CNN.

Luhby said that she worked at a local paper in New Jersey during the summers of her college years. Luhby’s first job after college was as a reporter intern at Asbury Park Press in New Jersey.


Broadcasting equipment being shown to students to test out. (Photo by Candace Pedraza)

Now Luhby is a senior writer at CNN Money, where she has been working for five years. She told College Now students about what she is currently doing – a lot of health reform coverage. “Obama care, that’s what I’m mostly covering,” she said.

Luhby started out as a “metro” reporter,but said she changed her mind after covering sad stories. She said she noticed “everything was about money” in New York, so she decided to switch to business journalism instead.

When Luhby was asked what the difference  between CNN money and broadcasting is, she said “CNN money is not part of TV,” and she added that people understand things differently when they hear the news as opposed to when they read it, and that is why television reporters have to ask quick questions and get straight to the point.

Luhby was asked about her reliance on statistics for information, and she said, “ you have to know the source of your statistics because people can manipulate your data.”

In addition to her job at CNN Money, Luhby is also a journalism professor at Columbia Journalism School.


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