Everyone Deserves A Chance

By Zulema Rodriguez

Everyone’s rights should be considered.
The truth is that if people came to America legally, follow America’s rules, and have all the right paper work, then they should have the same rights as those who were born here. If an undocumented person is willing to come to America to work hard and serve this country, then they should be allowed to come here as well.
Immigration is a controversial topic. Although some believe undocumented people should not be welcome in America, others believe that people who weren’t born in America, should be welcomed. The reality is that although most people won’t ever come to an agreement, everyone should have an equal opportunity. No one person should be discriminated for any reason. People have rights, and it is only best to respect those rights.
Those who legally come to America should be taken into consideration because they followed the process and the rules. If one follows rules, one expects something in return, right? One should not have to be on a waiting list to become a permanent resident. Some people who come legally have to wait years before they are given a green card that declares them permanent residents.
How would you feel if you came to America legally and followed all rules but had to wait years before getting a permanent residency? You’d feel lied to. You’d be upset because you did all the right things but didn’t get what you wanted most. You would feel that it isn’t fair.
Everyone should be given an equal opportunity.
Those who are undocumented hope that the Dream Act will solve some of their problems, as the act allows some undocumented people – and specifically, those who were brought to the U.S. as children – to attain a permanent residency.
According to whitehouse.gov, the Dream Act has many different benefits that not only help undocumented people. The Dream Act can also contribute to military recruitment efforts, it will make the country more competitive economically, and enrich its diversity.
It’s clear that if the Dream Act is passed then several benefits will come out of it. The Dream Act can be the start to a reasonable way to decide who can attain a permanent residency. Wouldn’t you hope for the Dream Act to be passed so doors can be opened for those who deserve a chance to study or get jobs or even to better people’s lives? I would hope so.
Undocumented people should also be given a chance to become permanent residents if they don’t have a criminal record, they are willing to serve the country and have been here for a very long time or have any relatives that were born in America. They should not feel afraid to get caught and be deported.
I remember going to Mexico for a vacation a few years ago. I went with my family and my aunt came with us because she hadn’t seen her mother in over 30 years. We went for a month and when we were coming back to New York, my mother told me my aunt could not come with us. She told me she was an undocumented immigrant and that she had to cross the border in order to get back. She explained how difficult it is to cross the border. She said she had to carry almost nothing so it wouldn’t weigh her down. She had to walk for hours and hours and even if she got tired, she had to keep going because she wanted to get home as soon as possible. She described how the “coyote” that brought her didn’t care about anyone and didn’t wait on anyone. You had to keep going, or you’d be left behind. It took her weeks, possibly months to get home. Today she works in a shoe factory where other undocumented immigrants work, they all fear getting caught and being deported.
One should not live with fear, day after day, of getting deported. If one wants to live in America, one should be given the opportunity. Maybe this chance should not be given to every single person, but there definitely should be a better way of deciding whether or not a person is welcome in America. For example, there should be a series of qualities a person needs to have and once they are allowed to come to America, they should be checked on every once in a while to see if the person has been following what he or she has to do.
Let there be equal opportunities for everyone whether they were born in America, born somewhere else and then came to America, or if they wish to come to America. They should be welcomed if they are willing to do something beneficial


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