Strike a Pose for SexyGhana

Photo by SexyGhana (models)

Models from the SexyGhana show pose for the camera.
(Photo by SexyGhana)

By Brenda Bota 

With decorations consisting of the colors, black and white and a nice and neat runway made, SexyGhana launches yet again another fashion show.

For 4th of July, SexyGhana hosts a fashion show in celebration of 4th of July with models modeling latest Ghana fashion especially bikinis.

SexyGhana is an organization brought forth by Ghanaian designers who are finished with fashion school and want their design and styles be known to the world.  Alongside with many helpers who make these fashion shows possible are people like the owner of the Ghanata hall located on 2180 Webster Ave., Bronx, NY, 10457. The owner works out a plan with the designers and put together a fashion show that is opened to every Ghanaian and every race with tickets ranging from selected prices every time it’s done. This 4th July it was $30 which also covered the after party.

As models walk on the runway with the latest Ghanaian  fashion, crowds cheer and take pictures and whisper and nod to each other about the styles and what they would like to wear. 16 year-old Carla Melendez who had on a nice colorful fitted short dress came to the fashion show with her friend Joyce Anokey who had on a long white dress with a brown belt in the middle. Melendez says,

“I came to see the clothing and models. Clothing catches my eyes and the event made me want to be a model,” as she sat through the fashion show taking pictures of the models alongside Anokey who says,

“I came to the fashion show because I actually never came to one.”

Having enjoying the show, Melendez says,

“I will most definitely want to join the models because it looks so fun and the clothing are amazing and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Anokey, in response says, “I would love to be a part of the fashion show because I think it’s a great experience. I always wanted to join a fashion show since I was little. I think it’s a way to increase your self esteem.  It lets you know that anyone can model no matter if they are plus size, thick, or even skinny.”

Photo by SexyGhana Mimi Yeboah (designer, lady in black)

Designer of the fashion show, Mimi Yeboah (lady in black) pose for the camera with some friends.
(Photo by SexyGhana)

Having fun at the show as the host, who had on a square patterned shirt with jeans, a black bow tie and a hat on, hypes the crowd up by introducing Ghanaian talented singers to come on stage and sing. How is this entire show put together to insure they get their aim across?

Gina Onyiuke, a freelance model who specializes in runway shows shares her experience with this fashion show as one of SexyGhana’s first year model for the show.

“The preparation process included rehearsals in which the models’ walks are gone over. At times, designers would sit in to observe the models; if there was a particular model they liked or felt had a walk that would best display their clothing, they would ask for their name. During rehearsals, there is also a possibility for fittings,” she says.

Photo by SexyGhana Gina Onyiuke (model)

Model Gina Onyiuke, is photographed walking down the runway of the SexyGhana show.
(Photo by SexyGhana)

She goes on to explain her feeling while in stage by saying, “nervousness usually accompanies anything I do concerning the stage. However, there is a comfort ability that comes with it as well. It’s almost as if I belong on stage.”

When asked what she thinks the purpose of the show is, she explains it as having the brand name SexyGhana be broadcasted to the world and unsure says, “perhaps they wanted to get the brand name SexyGhana out and used this show as a means of doing so or perhaps, they wanted to entertain people and make money while doing so; “shrugs” I wouldn’t know.”

In connection, when asked whether she thinks Ghanaians celebrate 4th of July for the holiday or just to have fun she says, “… I can’t say whether or not Ghanaians celebrate July 4th just for the sake of celebrating or because they are actually celebrating America. However, what I will say is, from what I have observed, many holidays have lost their true meaning. People seem to have forgotten why they are celebrating certain things.”

Melendez shares her own idea when she says, ” some Ghanaians celebrate the 4th of July because if America winning their independence and some just because it’s a holiday and they want to have fun.”

“Ghanaians come to these events to celebrate America’s joyful day because America is where a lot of people come to find jobs and have a better education. “

SexyGhana models model with confident as they take pictures and continue to celebrate 4th of July . SexyGhana like any other Ghanaian organization that try to promote Ghana and put Ghana and a good position in like. With this fashion show, they raise money to help causes and get support from fans from their website page. SexyGhana yet again makes an impression with the fashion show and will, like every 4th of July strike a pose.

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