A Digital Summer

By Valerie Garofalo and Rica Roberts

As summer progresses, students in the Lehman’s College Now program are continuously working hard in their classes. One class in particular, the Introduction to Digital Imagery (ART 112), has been teaching students about the art of digital programing and more.

The College Now program is full of several programs that teach students new skills while receiving college credits. ART 112 consist of learning how to use photoshop, and create different projects like making their own websites.

“Best class I have ever had for the summer, there’s a lot of variety,” said ART 112 student Sabrina Ira.

Students in the Art 112 class Photo By Rica Roberts

Students in the Art 112 class Photo By Rica Roberts

Some of the students shared how they loved their class, and how it has helped them improve in their digital skills. They were happy that this class showed them how to create art using computers.

“It’s mostly how creative you can be and put it on a computer,” said another student, Julie Milton.

This class has done many projects such as a Psychedelic Art, where the students were able to make posters of their favorite band. They had to use “specific styles” in order to create what they wanted.

“We learned how to edit portraits of people, learn how to use layers, [and] learn how to develop a website,” said Tyra Sanders.

ART 112 is a class that informs the students on how to create new things, and learn new programs. Both teachers said they were very happy, and enjoy watching the students develop.

“[It’s] always good to see a student struggle, and then go above and beyond my expectations,” said Digital Imaging assistant teacher Janine Carla Ramos. She also teaches the same class during the Fall semester.

“I encourage growth and instill knowledge. I like my class, I’m very proud,” said the other Digital Imaging teacher, Christine Mariani. She then jokingly said to the class, “unless you don’t finish your work by Thursday!” Professor Mariani then continued saying “I like to see their development.”

Aside from teaching the College Now course, Introduction to Digital Imaging, Professor Mariani also teaches After Effects animation, post production, and flash animation, which is what is used to make popular cartoons like Chowder and Adventure Time, at the Art Department in Lehman College.

Many of the students shared how great the class is for bringing out their creativity, and taught them how to transfer it onto their computer screen. This helped them use their new skills in everyday life.

“If you want a career in digital imaging this class is useful. It taught me to be more creative using technology,” said student Angjelo Marku who continued, “This class has taught me to photoshop my Facebook pictures.”

Another student, Guadalupe Guerrero, said “I like art and I’m very creative, I enjoy doing these things.” The Introduction to Digital Imagery class gives students the opportunity to learn about different programs, and create digital pieces only at the use of a computer.


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