Behind the Scenes with the Audiovisual Production Crew

By Khemilla Kedarnath and Raphia Ngoutane

“I like it a lot,” said Alex Franceschi in regards to his experience in his class, MMJ 215 Audiovisual Production. “It’s very hands on. We’re not just sitting behind a desk writing. There’s something different to do everyday.”

Along with other rising juniors and seniors from varying high schools, Alex and his classmates attend an intro to television production class at Lehman College. This course is one of several offered by the College Now program, which allows qualified high school students to enroll in rigorous college intro courses.

“This is a brief course on studio production and film packages,” the teaching assistant, Emmanuel Grant explains. “Although there’s a short time span of 5 weeks, and we have to cram everything, it is vital for the students to understand the process.”

The professor, Khirlu Burton, and Grant both feel that the class is a positive experience for the students.

Students editing their projects. Photo by Khemilla Kedarnath

Students editing their projects. Photo by Khemilla Kedarnath

“I think that this class is really a spring board that guides students in being actual college students where they will open their eyes to new experiences,” Burton said. “It’s the beginning of a whole new experience for them.”

Yesnuel Ramirez an incoming senior at the NYC ischool, said “It’s fun to go outside with cameras, microphones and interview random people.”

Azam Kavalant, an uprising senior from the Bronx high school of Science mentioned that the program helps him “develop a better understanding of behind the scene television.” As a reporter for this class he said, “It’s kind of weird interviewing people for the first time, but it gets more natural as time goes by.”

Daniel Obeng, a rising senior at Mott Hall V high school, said that he enjoys his class because of the “technicality that is involved.”

“The teachers are well informed, they motivate their students and they are really inspiring,” Obeng said. Alex finished, “I definitely see myself producing in the future.”


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